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One of the most common cosmetic procedures is tooth-colored fillings. Most of the time, patients come to us with cavities or caries that if not treated could lead to worse issues. When a tooth is eroded by bacteria, it can get to the root and nerves which can cause a lot of pain; that is why we use fillings to fill in any gaps and prevent decay from happening.

Fillings are also used to repair chipped, cracked or fractured teeth and teeth that are not smooth and with crevices which can help bacteria grow in them. Fillings will literally “fill” in the gaps and help your overall dental health.

In the past, fillings were usually made out of different metals such as gold, silver and other metals. However, research has shown that metals don’t completely bond to the tooth, allowing for spaces and gaps to form between the filling and tooth, which can lead to really serious infections as bacterial enters those gaps. Also, it has been proven that these metals can go into our systems over time with the wear and use of metal fillings.

That is why, here at Campbell Dental Group, we want our patients to get not only the best treatment but also what is best for their overall health so we use metal-free fillings. The material that is used, will not only give you more natural results but will also not harm your health.

If you think you could benefit from metal free, tooth-colored fillings, call us at (404) 256-0009 or visit us at 4840 Roswell Rd NE, Building A Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30342.

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"First off let me say i am not a great patient lol, I was terrified of having one of my teeth extracted and I put it off for weeks. The pain was becoming unbearable so I decided to let Dr Monica and her staff remove the broken tooth. I am terrified of needles, and let's just say I didn't even feel it when I was administered the anesthesia. The procedure was very quick and straight forward. It took longer to get numb, then for her to extract the tooth. Awesome place will be bringing my family in the near future."

Phoutsady P.

"Wow what a great experience. My two children have been going to the Campbell Dental Group in Atlanta Georgia for their braces. They have such a great and helpful staff. It was a great atmosphere and both Doctors were extremely helpful and answered all my questions. If your looking for a dentist in Atlanta Ga. I highly recommend Campbell Dental Group."


"Dr. Campbell and the staff were very kind and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this office. After my first visit I referred 3 coworkers to the office."

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